Beyond borders


The quality of the final product no longer depends solely on the individual’s creative expression and his footprint, but is generated by a process linked to the contribution of countless collaborators. Contribution linked to their talent, their ingenuity, their value, their ability. The characteristics of each project are, undoubtedly, the result of the designer’s stylistic and formal expression, but the final result is guaranteed only by a multidisciplinary approach where the sensitivity of the individual is mediated by an acute dialogue with collaborators. This is the only way to revive the magic and wonders of a new work, through the lively and intense design awareness of those who participate in its realization. After more than twenty years of activity, in the areas of planning, design, communication and feng shui we illustrate with this review, albeit incomplete, the methodological continuity towards the project, continuity that requires a deep knowledge of technical tools and design language from idea to project to realization.