The projects are executed by the most talented professionals using cutting edge technologies

Project procedure



Through the first meetings with the client, another essential task of the designer develops: that of making the client express maieutically his opinions, his needs and, with respect for the person and his ideas, make him find the critical awareness that will allow him not to make mistakes or wrong assessments and create a taylor made home perfectly matching and respecting his aesthetic taste.


The survey of the rooms to be furnished and the first conversation with the customer represent the first part of the design work, the foundations on which the creative expression will subsequently develop. The first is an analytical phase, carried out on site, developed with the most modern technologies ranging from measurements with laser instruments, to digital photos that can be transmitted in real time anywhere in the world.

Sketches and outlines

After completing the preliminary phase, we move on to the furnishing proposal where the ideas and needs presented by the customer begin to be moulded and take shape. We could define this part of the project: “the extemporaneous phase” because it is proposed through a series of sketches, perspectives, bird flights views and watercolors developed by hand, which serve the receptor to acquire sensitivity and awareness of the project. The extemporaneous project is the phase in which the designer enters into communication with the customer and, always in a Socratic form, begins to dialogue and awaken the critical spirit of the interlocutor.


For each room, material-color cards are prepared. They combine wood, stone, glass, fabric, etc. the result of considerations deriving from the interpreted notions following phase 1. The correct mix of these mood boards arouses in the customer a concrete amenity and a direct feeling with the project.


Draft plan

Once all the evaluations have been completed and the customer’s needs analyzed, the preliminary project takes shape; after the drafting of the state of affairs, the preliminary project represents the second analytical phase and expresses all the concepts developed in the creative phase. A correct formulation of all formal, technical and technological aspects is drawn up on the computer.


Executive project

The executive project follows the draft plan, roughly spread over several layers, each of them provides different design information; the listed plans of each level are created as well as the plan of the floor, of the false ceilings, of the furnishings, of the arrangement of the heating elements. The project continues with the creation of the diagram relating to the positioning of the vents of the air conditioning system. When the diagram of the electrical system and the plan related to internal door and window frames are ready, they will be supplied to the structural engineer, with whom, previously, a set of technical choices have been agreed. Another important plan is the one of the demolition and construction areas. The project thus becomes the common basis, the guide for the individual operators. In the execution phase, all the elements that require particular design attention are dimensioned and designed on a suitable scale.



Once the executive project is completed, every single piece of furniture is numbered, coded, represented and, properly filed, is collected in a “book”. It is easy to understand that the consequent technical-estimate specifications will be easy to read even for non-experts. We believe now, at the end of this short story about our business, that it is easier to understand the concept that we had exposed at the beginning regarding “methodological-design continuity”. We are convinced that individual diversity, in relation to the project, is measured, both in the ability to achieve the project in artistic and design goals as well as in those proper to the organization and division of labor.



Upon receipt of the final confirmation from the customer, the specifications are divided into orders which will be sent to the various suppliers for production. Each individual supplier is carefully followed and is supported with quick and timely responses. The list of manufacturers is very long and is constantly updated based on product needs and high quality standards.



As the production deadline approaches, a shipping date is established. Within that day all the goods are collected, checked and labeled as per the specifications. Depending on the destination or the timing, they are sent by road, by ship or by air.



With the goods at their destination, a team of workers installs, assembles and places the items inside each furnished space. The final effect is given by the care and precision in the smallest details: necessary conditions in this last phase.