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For more than 20 years Neolapis has been the leader of the Italian design and of the “ made in Italy” in the world, thinking up, planning and building dozens and dozens of industrial products. In the long period of work Neolapis has deloped an intense research and planning activity both for the industrial area it belongs and abroad.

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“The water you touch from the rivers is the last of what went and the first of what comes. So the present time.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

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For almost 30 years of activity Neolapis has been leader of the Italian design and of the “Made in Italy” around the world thanks to dozens and dozens of industrial projects that have been invented, developed and realized.

Neolapis was founded in 1993 by Lucio Dotto with specific research and design purposes. The research, in the context of the professional activity of the founder, has always been carried out in two main directions: the human scale and the needs of the individual; the study of past cultures, in the continuity of experience and in affinity of spirit.
Lucio Dotto, graduated in architecture in Venice, has been carrying out an intense design activity for over twenty years both in Italy and abroad, in the field of furniture and industrial design.

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Through the first meetings with the client, another essential task of the designer develops: that of making the client express maieutically his opinions, his needs and, with respect for the person and his ideas, make him find the critical awareness that will allow him not to make mistakes or wrong assessments and create a taylor made home perfectly matching and respecting his aesthetic taste.



The survey of the rooms to be furnished and the first conversation with the customer represent the first part of the design work, the foundations on which the creative expression will subsequently develop. The first is an analytical phase, carried out on site, developed with the most modern technologies ranging from measurements with laser instruments, to digital photos that can be transmitted in real time anywhere in the world.


Sketches and outlines

After completing the preliminary phase, we move on to the furnishing proposal where the ideas and needs presented by the customer begin to be moulded and take shape. We could define this part of the project: “the extemporaneous phase” because it is proposed through a series of sketches, perspectives, bird flights views and watercolors developed by hand, which serve the receptor to acquire sensitivity and awareness of the project. The extemporaneous project is the phase in which the designer enters into communication with the customer and, always in a Socratic form, begins to dialogue and awaken the critical spirit of the interlocutor.


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Lucio Dotto

Architect and ADI Designer n° 210

Silvia Lorenzetto

PR Manager

Michele Lorenzetto

Commercial and Account Manager

Francesco Barbisan

Junior Architect

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“We visited the house in New Zealand: everything is great! A very good job!”

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“Many thanks for your assistance, we are appreciating it at the most. Without you we could not manage it.”

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“Thank You very much! My husband is back to the city and sent some photos of the mosaics already install in the pool. They look fantastic!!!!”

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“All done in the rules with respect to materials and properties.”

Mrs Client

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