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We work differently

For almost 30 years of activity Neolapis has been leader of the Italian design and of the “Made in Italy” around the world thanks to dozens and dozens of industrial projects that have been invented, developed and realized.

Neolapis was founded in 1993 by Lucio Dotto with specific research and design purposes. The research, in the context of the professional activity of the founder, has always been carried out in two main directions: the human scale and the needs of the individual; the study of past cultures, in the continuity of experience and in affinity of spirit.
Lucio Dotto, graduated in architecture in Venice, has been carrying out an intense design activity for over twenty years both in Italy and abroad, in the field of furniture and industrial design. Assisted by skilled collaborators such as Silvia Lorenzetto, public relations manager, Michele Lorenzetto, specialized in the commercial sector and Francesco Barbisan, architect Jr., increases the potential and widens the range of activities such as 3D modeling or logistics. After almost thirty years of activity, we want to propose a retrospective analysis and an interpretative and evaluative judgment of the intellectual works carried out in the fields of design and of design applied to architecture and of design applied to communication. We do not intend to expose biographical notes or the process of professional activity, but we just would like to illustrate the methodological continuity towards the project: continuity that requires, from the idea to the realization, a deep knowledge of the technical tools of the design language; it is interesting, in this language, both the guiding or maieutic function as well as the critical or the mediating one between the client and the execution of the prject. We also cannot avoid to consider that the design activity can no longer ignore the shocking metamorphosis, of universal dimensions, that involves our era.


Our team of professionals

Lucio Dotto

Architect and ADI Designer n° 210

Silvia Lorenzetto

PR Manager

Michele Lorenzetto

Commercial and Account Manager

Francesco Barbisan

Junior Architect